Ser Xerri (/ Sir Sherry /) is a dynamic and engaging singer, guitarist, and showman hailing from Central New Jersey (it does exist). Whether he is performing a solo acoustic show, fronting a band, or hosting his monthly open mic night, Ser Xerri brings a singular style and energy that will not be ignored! With a philosophy founded on the importance of community, acceptance, and good old-fashioned fun, Ser Xerri builds his audience one new friend at a time. Come join the party!

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Come Join The Party!


Remember Jones

A 12-piece soul band fronted by the sensational Remember Jones, this group was made for the big stage! Vocal acrobatics, big band arrangements, and high energy performances make Remember Jones one of the best shows around!

The Inflatable Head

You’ve never seen anything quite like The Inflatable Head! With catchy, in-your-face songs and personalities to match, The Inflatable Head brings the party! You might not know what’s going on, but you’ll want to be a part of it. #InflateYourHead